Clarity is making communication a common good through open source and decentralisation.

Inspired by present time. Designed for the future.

Modules Preview

Open Source

Future is transparent and everyone should be able to contribute to it.

Modular design

Modularity will enable a more sustainable and ethical hardware manufacturing.

Built by the community

Clarity is a non-profit project designed to support free flow of information.

Atmosphere OS Designed for decentralisation.

AOS Preview


Native support for all major decentralised networks like Ethereum, IPFS, Dat and others.

Modules & Layers

Modules are going to replace standalone apps by allowing developers to add extra features on top of core Layers of the OS (Transportation, Communication, Payments, etc.)

Typographic UI

The minimalist approach to the UI will enable developers to create modules without the need of designers.


Our communication belongs to conglomerates designed to harvest data and capitalise on our privacy. For the past decade we've been the customer and the product, we've made the biggest even bigger and more powerful. We've allowed for profit organisations to shape our society through products designed to capture as much attention and data from us as possible. Communication became a common good but yet we still recognise it as a product with a market cap. The regimes of digital dictatorships are ever growing but they also inspired a wave of new technologies like Dat, IPFS, Ethereum and many others. Now it's just a matter of passion and human collaboration to bring these new and empowering technologies to our society. Embrace Clarity is a non-profit open-source project that wants to make communication a common good, and you can be part of it.

Contribute and make Embrace Clarity a reality.

Clarity needs Software Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Product Designers, Industrial Designers, Copywriters, Project Managers, Token Experts, Blockchain developers and most of all Visionaries who seek to change how humans communicate. Join our Community and redefine communication for centuries ahead.

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